Introducing our NEW STEM education package!

Our lineup lets you incorporate STEM in the classroom in a way that works for you.

Choose to teach full STEM projects with our journals; these same projects are defined in our teacher lesson plans. Or, if you have limited time and resources, you can still teach STEM with our mini lessons, included in the teacher book, and worksheets available for free download.

Need to introduce STEM first? Incorporate STEM-related content into all subjects with our datebooks.

No matter your level of STEM skills, School Datebooks can help you encourage students to solve real-world problems and learn the value of a STEM education—and SOAR THROUGH STEM.

Our STEM education package includes:

Student Datebook

STEM-focused content appropriate for all classrooms

Student Journal

52 challenges incorporating the Engineering Design Process (EDP)

Teacher Lesson Plans

52 full and mini lessons aligned with Next Generation Science Standards

Coordinating Worksheets

Click HERE to download all student worksheets for FREE or choose specific worksheets to download.

Content-based Website

Related links and resources to foster independent learning

“SOAR THROUGH STEM will provide your students opportunities to solve problems, learn critical thinking skills, work collaboratively, and challenge their creativity. SOAR THROUGH STEM utilizes the Common Core State Standards in an integrated manner to help produce a STEM-capable student prepared for the global economy.”
Matthew Brown

Principal, Lafayette Sunnyside Intermediate School, STEM Certified School

“SOAR THROUGH STEM is well planned with a great deal of thought-provoking activities and hands-on for students. The great benefit to the program is that it introduces and takes students through the Engineering Design Process, including how to define, brainstorm, record/collect data, and prototype an open ended problem. Knowing how to work through open ended problems is a key point for engineers and brings to the forefront what engineering is all about. With this program, students explore many of the sciences and the design process together. Bring excitement to your STEM curriculum and to your students with this standards-based program.”

Steve Florence, Technical Service Manager

School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University

Retired Engineering/Technology Teacher

“The School Datebooks’ SOAR THROUGH STEM products give teachers a well-thought-out and carefully delivered exposure to STEM for all of their students. Additionally, they:

  • Provide differentiation for students at various levels of learning
  • Provide an excellent framework for teachers who might not feel versed in all areas of STEM, where the content is well-written, of a great quality, and align to NGSS
  • Can be used at various levels in day-to-day science exposure
  • Can be articulated to support units of study

The supplemental materials:

  • Provide teachers with needed background information, to assure confidence in their teaching
  • Excite and enhance their students’ learning environment
  • Provide opportunities for inquiry-based learning
  • Support cross-curricular learning

Overall, these are well done, support NGSS, and offer excellent curricular opportunities in the STEM area for your students. They are well laid out and easily used and adaptable to meet the needs of various classrooms. Small details, such as the QR codes that assist students in accessing their research and work quickly, expose and enhance their 21st-century learning skills.”

Terri Tessman

STEM thought leader and leading STEM/STEAM professional